What We Do


Having a full-time IT staff, much less an experienced one, is simply not in the budget for most burgeoning firms.  SCHEMA Networks solves both of these problems by providing you with outsourced IT that has a collective experience of over 40 years at a fraction of the cost.  We consistently pool our team’s knowledge to develop creative solutions that might be overlooked by an individual.  This results in our clients having fully operational networks, which allows them to focus on the tasks most important to their business and not on IT.

Gone are the break/fix days of making frantic phone calls to IT staff who know little to nothing about your company.  We utilize a MAINTENANCE MODEL which allows us to spot and fix problems before they happen.  You will work with the same team member on a consistent basis who knows your network inside and out. The SCHEMA Networks team uses remote software, which allows us to proactively monitor your system at all hours of the day.  This ensures we can address issues as quickly as they arise, which is how it should be done.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

You start each morning by logging into your computer and checking your email and voice messages.  Although, you might not be aware of how many systems work in tandem to accomplish this.  Your computer first needs permission from the server to validate who you are by checking if your password is correct.  In order to get that permission, your request travels over Ethernet and switches or over the air via Wi-Fi.  Once logged in, you are delegated access to printers and shared drives.  Next, it is time to check your email and voice messages.  Those systems run on completely different servers and need care and attention to work correctly.  This might all seem complicated but running and maintaining network infrastructure is our specialty.   


Monitoring takes many shapes and forms. One day, you need a software inventory report to gauge if another copy of that important software for the new hire must be purchased. The next day you want to know internet usage to see if you need faster internet. With our partnership with Labtech, we can provide those reports in minutes. SCHEMA Networks installs monitoring software on all devices on your network which allows us to get you the information you need when you need it. We can also provide McAfee Antivirus for a small additional fee which will also allow us to know if a computer is infected with a virus before the user does.

Backups and Data Recovery

Backups and Data Recovery

Information is one of your greatest assets. It is important to know that your years of hard work will not disappear in an instant. One of the first steps we take when working with a new client is learning how backups are done. If they are not up to our standards, we immediately take steps to fix this. SCHEMA Networks knows how important your data is to you which is why we take backups and data recovery very seriously. We have recently partnered with INTRONIS backup solutions which allow run full backups with unlimited storage into the cloud for a small monthly fee. Whether you want Windows or INRONIS backing up your precious files, you will sleep safe know that we have you covered.

Email and VoIP Solutions

Your business relies on communication to thrive.  Whether you prefer email, text, or a phone call, you can count on SCHEMA Networks to make sure all lines of communication are open.  We specialize in on-site Microsoft Exchange solutions but can just as easily help you manage your cloud-based email solution.  Our partnership with McAfee means we have email continuity, archiving, and SPAM filtering covered as well.  When it comes to phone calls, our team has experience with ShoreTel and other VoIP solutions that your business may run.  No matter how you communicate with clients and vendors, we have the expertise to keep you up and running.


Security comes in many shapes and sizes.  Do you have an accounting or HR folder that only certain people need access to?  We can ensure only users you delegate can gain access. Security also stops intruders from gaining any access to your network.  Our team has high-level experience with routing and firewalls that will keep your files safe from outside attacks.  Our partnership with McAfee allows us to monitor systems and become aware of possible virus infections before the user knows.

Cloud Solutions

Companies no longer need to host all of their services onsite. We can help you choose and manage the cloud service of your choosing. We have experience with Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox and much more. We also have a partnership with INTRONIS which allows us to backup you whole network the cloud for a small monthly fee. Which cloud service you are using you can rest assured knowing that we can help you manage it.