The Break/Fix Model Is Dead

Traditional outsourced IT firms wait for you to call them with emergencies. Shouldn’t your IT firm catch potential problems before they happen? SCHEMA Networks accomplishes this by utilizing a maintenance model. Consistency is the key to keeping your network up and running smoothly. Our familiarity with your network also allows us to keep costs lower than firms who only respond when your system is down. Learn More ›


Transparency for All

Isn’t it time you work with an outsourced IT firm who can explain what they are doing with your hard earned money?  Are you tired of getting billed for line items that don’t make sense?  We feel that being as transparent as possible with our clients is what’s best for you, and us.  This thinking is why we have had many of the same clients since our doors opened over 15 years ago. Learn More ›

What We Do for You

How We Serve Your Industry

Each of our clients have unique challenges. We know this first hand because we’re consistently learning with them while on-site. Despite industry based differences, when it comes to IT, we believe there are three core requirements for every company:
Reliability, Security, & Communication. Learn More ›

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The Time is Now

Stop putting off what needs to be done. Your fears of large and unexpected IT invoices can be a thing of the past. Let’s work together on getting your IT infrastructure running smoothly while keeping costs in check. There is a value in working with firms who benefit from each other’s success. Allow us to take the weight of IT off your shoulders so you can focus on what’s important: growing your business.

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