Your Industry


Each of our clients has unique challenges.  We know this first hand because we’re consistently learning with them while on-site.  Despite industry based differences, when it comes to IT, we believe there are three core requirements for every company:

Reliability - Consistent Uptime, Up to Date, Maintenance
Security - Authentication, Encryption, Anti-Virus
Communication – Internet, Email, Phones

You need access to company files on your terms, not the networks.


Let’s face it, when a server goes down you are losing dollars on the hour.  We take steps to ensure network reliability by running maintenance off hours, keeping your systems up to date, and proactively seeking out problems before they get worse.  SCHEMA Networks bases our success upon yours which is why keeping your business running smoothly is just as important to us as it is to you. 


Security should be a given and it starts internally.  Not everyone at your firm needs access to the accounting database.  Our knowledge of authentication and encryption keeps your files in the hands of only the users you designate.  This list does not include intruders.  When was the last time you had your network screened for vulnerabilities?  We’ll secure your systems by keeping them clean of viruses, malware, and botnets—all methods used to exploit your company’s valuable resources. Allow SCHEMA Networks to make your security our priority.  


OK, so now your network is reliable and secure—let’s focus on the third and final core requirement for your firm, communication.  It’s the lifeblood between you, your clients, and your staff, wherever they are in the world.  Email and phone calls are important, but you need an IT firm who leverages the full power of communication for you. Communication also encompasses all interactions between the network and your devices.  Whether sending project files to your satellite office over the network or accessing next month’s projections remotely, communication is how work gets done.  SCHEMA Networks believes this fully so we are responsive and transparent every step of the way, which is why you’ve chosen to partner with us. 

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Are you having difficulty managing and sharing the massive of amount of data you create and receive each day?  Which employees have network versus standalone licenses of the expensive CAD software?  SCHEMA Networks can help you with these problems because we know your industry inside and out.  We monitor licenses with our remote software and produce reports with a click of a button.  Old projects become securely archived to free up space on the server for new work.  Allow us to find the best file sharing solution for your firm so you can get back to more important tasks.

Project Management

Being able to move at your speed is the key to keeping the project on time and on budget. You need tools that allow you to access your files wherever you are. We setup secure remote access for the employees who are allowed access so they can get their work done. The last thing your firm needs is a kink in the IT chain. Our first task is to find and remove them. We have great success with laptops remote access which means PM’s are just as capable in the field as they are in the office. That’s good for everyone.


One of the biggest hurdles in running a school network is security and filtering.  Keeping kids safe from the dangers of the Internet is not something we take lightly.  SCHEMA Networks has over 10 year experience running school networks with kids in Kindergarten to 8th grade.  Our seasoned experience with web filtering has been vetted and is ready to assist any firm with their filtering need.


Compliance is one of the key terms in relation to Law offices. Schema NETWORKS will test to find any hole in security and will immediately address them. Email archiving and storage is where we’ll get to work next. Can’t delete that email, ever? No problem. We know email and storage better than anyone. Let’s work together to find the best solution for secure file storage and email archiving that works seamlessly for your firm.