Who We Are


SCHEMA Networks is an outsourced IT firm based in Irvine, CA.  Our company was founded on the principles of transparency, dedication, and creativity.  As a result, we have many of the same clients, with us since opening our doors over 15 years ago.  We’re the group you call for help with everything from software deployment to server management, and even high-end load balancing.  We see our clients as more than line items, we see them as partners.  Our success is based on yours and we want to grow together. 

Through our years of experience, we have developed a maintenance model which keeps systems up and running at full potential.  This is great for our clients because without regular maintenance and care computer systems will go down.  We have seen this time and time again when companies employ the old break/fix model: only servicing the network when it has already crashed.  In order to mitigate the stress of your system going down, allow us to give your network the regular attention it requires.  Being on site when things are good creates a dialogue between your firm and IT which allows us to improve your network in ways the old break/fix model does not.   

Some of our early clients, which are still with us today, are in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) space.  This is where we cut our teeth on software and hardware forecasting, system integration, and external file sharing to name a few.  We have found running firms this complex requires excellent time management and communication skills.  We have since branched out to a myriad of industries.